Sessions Overview

Sessions Overview

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Learn from your peers and internal experts while maintaining an intimate sense of community. Check back frequently to see updates and previews of sessions!

*Please note that sessions titles, speakers, content, and times are subject to change.


  • Create the Ultimate Customer Experience: Discuss successful trends and strategies that have a profound impact on your customer experience with your peers and other genre leaders. We'll help moderate your discussion to create the ultimate experience at your events and ensure customers want to come back again and again.
  • Enhancing the Customer Journey: From driveway to driveway our customer interactions shape the customer journey. Hear how to perfect the process (actions, decisions, interest and awareness) and create a relevant experience via engagement, purchase processes, messaging, interactions, in-event and remarketing to provide the ultimate customer journey.
  • Adopting a Mobile-First Strategy: Learn how organizations are pioneering change in mobile ticketing to create new, innovative features designed specifically to create a more seamless experience while searching for and purchasing tickets. Hear how optimized purchase flows enhance event information listings, displays dynamic venue maps and views from seats, and limit clicks to conversions.
  • Managing Changes: Discuss how to adapt strategies and a structured approach to ensure that dynamic changes - from staffing and management, venue renovation and expansion, programming, and more - are implemented smoothly and accepted readily. 
  • Attain Your Vision: Learn how to create and set achieveble goals, then discover ways to exceed expectations with integrity. Earn respect from your peers,  clients and fans through effective communication and development of your core values.

Marketing & Sales Sessions

Marketing & Sales Sessions
  • Aligning Marketing & Sales: Unfortunately seamless alignment is a challenge for all organizations. Hear how departments with different goals are collaborating to drive a holistic message to increase engagement, awareness and drive revenue via sales and retention.
  • Marketing Automation Blueprint: New to Marketing Automation? We'll discuss the blueprint to help you hit the ground running with where to begin, steps to take for a successful implementation and growing with a sophisticated platform.
  • Amplify Your Marketing Performance: Want to find a sure-fire way to enhance your marketing efforts? Hear performance marketing best practices, including SEM, SEO, YouTube, retargeting, and other trackable and measurable campaigns that will help your organization drive significant returns.
  • One-to-One Engagement with Marketing Automation: Hear how to take the next step with email marketing to drive further engagement and personalize communications with PAC Marketing Automation.
  • Empower Your Sales Team: Hear from inbound and outbound sales team members on how to create a successful environment to drive sales and service. We'll discuss the benefits of CRM, actionable tactics to enhance every interaction and how to leverage technology to create reachable targets.
  • Innovation in Social Media Ticket Sales, Customer Service & Engagement: Social Media continues to be a great engagement platform, and has continued to evolve into an effective ticket sales channel. Hear from industry leaders who are leveraging a wide array of social engagement opportunities to connect with their audience, increase engagement and sell tickets, all while managing high levels of customer service.
  • Creating Digital Marketing Strategies to Sell More Tickets: The industry is shifting away from traditional and towards digital marketing and advertising. Hear how leading organizations are implementing digital marketing strategies and best practices to maximize returns and drive ticket sales via numerous services to create a holistic strategy to engage customers, personalize marketing communications, and enhance the customer experience online and drive incremental revenue.
  • Holistic Marketing: Hear how to create a holistic marketing strategy through engagement, performance marketing and personalized communications. You'll learn how to utilize innovative technology in multiple digital disciplines to efficiently engage your target audience, acquire new customers and sell more tickets to your events.

Ticketing Sessions

Ticketing Sessions
  • Blurring the Line of Primary & Secondary Ticketing: Primary and secondary ticketing are constantly evolving and consumers see less delineation between primary and secondary ticketing, often believing “a ticket is a ticket” and not discerning between the source. Join StubHub and leading venues who have realized success in blending messaging, technology, analytics and customer experience.
  • Mobile Platforms to Further Engage Customers: We'll hear from leading partners how you can connect with your customers via mobile platforms to increase engagement, affinity and ultimately drive revenue.
  • The Future of Ticketing: Hear how leading organizations are hiring, training and retaining employees in ticketing and sales to usher in the future of the industry. Learn best practices and strategies to teach entry-level responsibilities and how to quickly utilize the PAC platform.
  • eCommerce Strategies - Improving the Purchase Experience: Your online and mobile ticketing system is the foundation and face of your business, not only for your frequent buyers but for the casual customer. Hear proven methods to enhance the path to purchase, how to increase ticket sales and donations, and tips to turn casual fans into frequent buyers.
  • Build a Better Box Office: Learn from successful partners about how they have streamlined operations to allow staff to communicate effectively with patrons to provide rewarding experiences, building fanatics of their organizations while increasing revenue.

Technology & Analytics

Technology & Analytics
  • Optimize Campaigns with Google Analytics: Customers are telling a story every time they visit your website and that story is key to providing a great experience and garnering repeat business. Learn how to better understand your consumers' behavior each time they visit your website, and track your marketing campaigns to monitor performance, increase sales and maximize returns of your digital efforts.
  • Preview the PAC Product Roadmap: Hear the direction of our new platform, upcoming enhancements, strategies and best practices with PAC ticketing, eCommerce, fundraising, data and analytics from our CTO Dima Volovik and his team. We'll preview what's now, what's new and what's coming soon.
  • Virtual Reality - Creating Immersive Experiences for your Customers: It’s here. Virtual reality isn’t something that’s coming in the future, it's being actively deployed in live entertainment today and is a compelling tool to provide a rich experience for fans and a platform that can be used to drive real sales revenue. Come hear how VR experts and venues are leveraging this exciting technology to engage customers, recruit student athletes, and drive revenue.
  • Analytics Workshop: Get hands on with PAC Analytics with our product experts. Learn how to set up key reports and simple reporting features to ensure your organization is utilizing Analytics to make data-driven decisions.
  • Utilizing Data & Analytics to Understand Key Trends that Drive Revenue: Learn from industry-leading organizations that are using data and analytics to make data-driven decisions to manage their business and better understand information. We’ll discuss insights and tools to utilize data and analytics to better understand key metrics, trends, revenue and expenses to effectively manage the bottom line and analyze ticketing, fundraising, secondary market and renewal data. Also, learn how secondary ticketing and primary ticketing metrics help to better price tickets, gain insight into prospective season ticket holders and donor data.
  • Connecting API’s for Event Discovery Tools & Wider Event Distribution: We’ll hear from industry experts who have demonstrated proven ways to grow the acquisition funnel with new customers through mobile, digital and eCommerce event discovery strategies. Learn how these strategies will help you to extend your brand, reach and sell more tickets to make it easy for customers to find tickets to your events.

Fundraising Sessions

Fundraising Sessions
  • Innovative Fundraising Strategies: Innovation strategies in Fundraising have grown tremendously as organizations are leveraging new technologies and concepts to engage customers and donors, acquire new donors and build lifelong partnership with donors through proactive campaigns. We’ll share proven ideas and strategies that work that you can immediately implement at your organization.
  • PAC Fund: Learn more about the new fundraising product, including features, functionality and what to expect from this new innovative platform.
  • Drive Contributions: Discover unique ways to draw additional or ongoing support from patrons. They're already in the building - learn how successful partners have further engaged the audience to create new supporters.
  • Levels of Excitement: Hear how the thoughtful use of membership or donor levels and the effective use of benefits management can be used to sustain and increase fundraising revenue.
  • Refine Your Pitch: Target your message to evoke the greatest response from donors. Create strong cases for support and show fans how your work impacts them and the community. Engage your audience to turn them into your most passionate advocates.