Sessions Overview

Sessions Overview

Breakout sessions with speakers and content specifically focused to educate further in areas you are interested in learning more about.

diverse, interactive content

Learn from your peers and internal experts while maintaining an intimate sense of community. 


New Monday Layout

Dive into PACnet’19 with new tracks on Monday, including a high-level Leadership track featuring industry executives, Breakthrough sessions surrounding bold innovations, and an Engagement track discussing how to most effectively build relationships with your customers.

Inaugural Product Track

Join Paciolan product experts to get an intimate inside look at the Paciolan product suite including features and enhancements for the products and services that you use every day. This interactive forum will allow you to ask questions, explore functionality and see first hand the future of the Paciolan product suite. 

Get a preview of the type of content you can expect at PACnet by reviewing some sessions below. Check back frequently to see updates and sneak peeks of new content!

*Please note that sessions titles, speakers, content, and times are subject to change.

Leadership, Breakthrough and Engagement Sessions

Leadership, Breakthrough and Engagement Sessions
  • Women's AD Panel: Join us for an interactive panel with leading athletic directors from powerful institutions, who are all strong women leaders. You will hear their stories as well as lessons from their journeys to becoming an AD.

  • Turning Leadership into Revenue Rainmaking: We will lead a thought-provoking discussion with leaders from the entertainment industry on trends that are impacting their business and how they are addressing opportunities to drive revenue.

  • Leaders Behind the Scenes: This session will feature leaders that are the right hand of the AD, CEO or Executive Director. You will hear from these powerful executives about how they are driving change, managing their organizations and facilitating successful programs.

  • Optimized Pricing and Packaging Strategies: There is a fine balance between maximizing revenue and filling your seats. With venue renovations, additional premium areas, and more focus on revenue management, there are a myriad of pricing and ticket packaging strategies that have a profound impact on your revenue. We'll discuss ideas, concepts and strategies for success.

  • A Bold Discussion around Distribution and Yield Management - The Right Seats and the Right Price: The industry is changing and the way to sell tickets and drive revenue is changing with it. Join us for a provocative session around pricing, the blending of primary and secondary ticketing, consolidation and distribution channels. This session will challenge your precepts of traditional ticketing and distribution strategies.

  • Re-Imagining the Customer Journey: The path to purchase is not linear. There is a wide array of interactions with your fans and patrons that lead to the curation of a conversion. Hear from industry thought leaders on strategies and technologies to create a personalized customer journey to buy tickets and enhance engagement. 

  • Acquisition, Conversion, Retention: Hear from thought-leading peers who will share their strategies and vision around managing customer service, sales and retention. We'll discuss ideas and innovations to build your pipeline of new customers, drive additional conversions and tickets sales, and retain your most valuable fans and patrons.

Inaugural Product Track

Inaugural Product Track
  • Product Round Table Discussions: Join Paciolan product experts to get an intimate inside look at the Paciolan product suite including features and enhancements for the products and services that you use daily. This interactive forum will allow you to ask questions, explore functionality and see first hand the future of the Paciolan product suite.

  • Student Ticketing and Engagement: Today's students think differently, are motivated differently and are being bombarded with communications and social interactions at a faster pace than ever before. Come hear from peer organizations how they are looking at student ticketing and effectively engaging with their student community to sell tickets, create a great student atmosphere and engage them on their terms.

  • Ballena Technology Integrations: Join the Ballena team as well as your peers who are leveraging Ballena technologies to understand what benefits have we realized from the integration so far, best practices at their institutions and new strategies for the Ballena technologies to enhance the customer experience while selling more tickets. 

  • Google Analytics and Data Studio: We are all sitting on a mountain of commerce and website data, but are we using it to take action and drive revenue? Join us as we explore the power of Google Analytics including actionable opportunities that you can deploy at your venue to increase conversions and drive revenue.

Visions Sessions

Visions Sessions
  • Strategic Solutions with StubHub: Learn how your peers are leveraging the power of an integrated StubHub/Paciolan solution to grow their business. This session will feature how to extend reach with direct listings, maximize revenue with pricing and fee management and leveraging secondary data for future growth.

  • Breaking Through Silos - Organizational Cohesion: Join us for a discussion around breaking down walls within organizations and combining strategy and collaboration with ticketing, marketing, fundraising and operations under a common vision to achieve remarkable results.

  • Strategies for Customer Acquisition and Retention: Hear how to retain a growth in subscriber base from marquee events (like Hamilton) to continue momentum. We will also discuss how to acquire younger demographics and attract new customers within an aging customer base. These are just a few of the opportunities that we will tackle in this interactive forum discussion.

Marketing & Sales Sessions

Marketing & Sales Sessions
  • Marketing Automation & Movable Ink: Learn cutting edge strategies and personalized customer engagement practices to sell tickets, drive revenue and deepen interactions with customers through marketing automation. You will also hear more about the new Movable Ink platform to help raise the bar on your marketing automation campaigns.

  • Digital & Mobile Marketing Best Practices: The power of programmatic digital marketing continues to expand providing limitless opportunities to acquire new fans, engage interested customers and drive conversions. Mobile continues to grow in importance of engaging customers. Hear from your peers who are driving innovative ideas and leveraging new trends to make the most of digital marketing channels.

  • Innovation Workshop with Google: Hear about the Google innovation strategy and how you can enact that at your venue. During this interactive workshop we will inspire you to tackle new opportunities and innovations that you can take back to your organization.

  • Salesforce and CRM Strategies: Learn how effective Salesforce strategies can help your organization to manage leads, convert opportunities and efficiently manage programs to grow revenue and sell more tickets.

Technology & Analytics

Technology & Analytics
  • Thinking Differently About Data: Customer data is the lifeblood of your organization and can be leveraged to make informed decisions to better manage your business. Join thought leaders and peers in our industry to understand new data-driven strategies and unlock possibilities presented by data.

  • Activating a Data-Driven Culture Throughout your Organization: Having a culture focusing on data and using data-driven business practices is an effort that everyone in your organization needs to embrace for optimal success. Hear strategies and ideas from organizations who are on the leading edge of having a data-driven philosophy in their business.

  • Paciolan Reporting and Business Intelligence: Join our reporting and business intelligence team to understand all of the reporting, analytics and business intelligence tools available to you and your organization.

  • Where Does Actionable Data Come From and How Can You Use It Immediately?: Learn where and how to access valuable information and how you can quickly turn that data into action with campaigns, programs and strategies to engage fans and drive sales.

  • Unlock Paciolan's Partner Ecosystems through APIs: Understand how Paciolan is integrating with value added partners to provide extended options for fans, patrons and your venue to elevate the customer experience and maximize revenue opportunities. 

"How-To" Sessions

"How-To" Sessions
  • How to Better Prepare for the Pac Platform Conversion: Hear directly from clients who already moved to the new Pac Platform and what they learned from going through the conversion. This session will prepare you with ideas and tips to make the most of the move to the new Pac Platform.

  • Pac Mail How-To Session: Learn successful tips and tricks from Pac Mail powered by Cheetah Digital. We'll hear from product experts featuring industry trends and ideas to efficiently segment, build, and deliver effective email marketing campaigns.

  • Risk Management Solutions: Hear how to take advantage of a point to point encryption solution to provide data security for your transactions. We'll also hear from thought-leading clients who are effectively managing fraud at their organizations and taking effective measures to prevent fraud.

  • Ask an EOS: During this interactive session we will host an open, collaborative discussion and share ideas and best practices for your e-commerce platform.

Fundraising Sessions

Fundraising Sessions
  • Strategic Changes in Fundraising - Stay Ahead of the Change: One thing is constant in fundraising: change. During this interactive session we will dialogue around the ongoing changing impacting non-profit fundraising and hear innovative ideas that move and improve fundraising campaign success.

  • Marketing Automation and Salesforce Best Practices Specifically for Fundraising: Leveraging advanced techniques in marketing automation and Salesforce can lead to significant growth in donor campaigns and fundraising revenue. Share ideas and hear proven concepts leveraging personalized automation and Salesforce campaigns created specifically for fundraising.

  • Fundraising Strategies to Increase Annual Gifts and Fundraising Revenue: Join your peers who created innovative and successful approaches to driving fundraising revenue through annual giving and other programs. You will hear from peer institutions with programs and ideas that you can take back and implement at your organization.

  • Fundraising-Specific Digital Marketing Campaigns for Donor Acquisition and Growth: Digital marketing is a proven method to drive ticket sales and commerce. These same principles can easily be used to acquire new donors and drive fundraising revenue. Join us for an interactive discussion to change the game in fundraising through digital marketing programs.