Peer Quotes

Peer Quotes

What your Peers are Saying About PACnet



PACnet is a such a great conference bringing the community of Sports & Entertainment together with similar operational platforms.  The ability to share best practices and work to improve our operations is paramount to the continued growth and success of our industry.

› Phil Wang ‹

UC Irvine


This was one of the most organized and well put together conferences I've ever been too. I really appreciated how on time and well done everything was.

› Cortney Putters ‹

Xfinity Arena


The wide variety of topics at PACnet has helped it evolve into one of the best user conferences around. They are eduacational and fun.

› Larry McDonnell ‹



Overall I love coming to PACnet! Best conference I have been to for connecting with peers and sharing best practices.

› Alysha Forrest ‹

South Okanagan Events Centre


PACnet is a well run event and a lot of work goes into preparing all of the sessions. It's greatly appreciated from an attendee perspective.

› Kim Madu ‹

Pacific National Exhibition/TicketOps


2016 was my first time at PACnet and I absolutely enjoyed it. I definitely plan on attending in the future.

› Tyler Hooper ‹

Northwestern University


Jane and staff are absolutely first rate and do an amazing job...they make you feel like your presence at PacNet is valued and important. Best conference I have attended without question.

› Scott Dolson ‹

Indiana University


I really enjoy how PACnet sessions are split with multiple client presenters who give tangible examples of campaigns, projects and initiatives they have done and how they have utilized technology to do so.

› Courtney Anthony ‹

The University of Arizona


What I like most about PACnet is getting to network with bigger organizations, and to see how other Spectra partners use the PAC platform.

› Travis Henry ‹

The Long Center


As always what I like most about PACnet is the ability to network in person with my peers and discuss problems and best practices.

› Carol Ann Loree ‹

General Motors Centre


I enjoy hearing other organization's philosophies on how they transition ticket buyers into being a part of the organization for life.

› Jake Bajwa ‹

Cincinnati Arts Association


Overall PACnet is a great experience. Every is so friendly, welcoming and warm. I enjoyed my first time there!

› Kate Souder ‹

Michigan State University


PACnet is an opportunity to learn from top people in their fields and gain tips that will help us to increase revenue and engagement with our fans.

› Byron Smith ‹

University of Virginia


It's hard to nail down one thing about PACnet....Sessions just are always the most useful. Keynotes can drive attitudes and philosophies, but breakouts drive decisions and business changes.

› Lindsay Lew ‹

University of Colorado