Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prepare to be inspired by our visionary keynotes, industry expert speakers, and Paciolan executives.

Monday Keynote Speakers

› Kim Damron ‹

President and CEO, Paciolan

Kim will address the state of the community, including trends, success stories, product roadmap highlights and the Paciolan community's future vision.


› Keith White ‹

CTO, Paciolan

Keith will address the product roadmap and future vision.


Tuesday + Wednesday Keynote Speakers

› Alison Levine ‹

Motivational Speaker

Unleash your potential in today’s competitive business environment with unconventional leadership concepts from Alison Levine that the MBA experience and corporate America can’t – and won’t – teach you.


› Chris Norton ‹

Motivational Speaker

We all face challenges, but our circumstances don’t define us – we do. With inspiring anecdotes and positive action steps, Chris connects with his audience in a genuine, entertaining, and impactful way. Adversity is universal, but we all have the Power to Stand.