Association Partners

Association Partners

NACMA (National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators)

National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators

NACMA’s mission is to develop, evaluate, and promote the collegiate athletics marketing profession and its effectiveness, while upholding the ideals of higher education. NACMA provides educational and professional development opportunities for career advancement in marketing, revenue generation and communication.

NAADD (National Association of Athletic Development Directors)

National Association of Athletic Development Directors

The purpose of NAADD is to organize individuals with a mutual interest in collegiate athletics development so that (1) an agreed upon standard of excellence can be established; (2) educational and development successes can be shared; and (3) a united voice of opinion can be heard on key issues facing collegiate athletics in general and collegiate athletics development specifically.

In 1993, NAADD formulated a partnership with the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) to administer the Association and hold our annual Workshop in conjunction with NACDA’s Annual Convention.


  • NAADD’s membership has grown to more than 1,400 intercollegiate athletics development directors.
  • NAADD will continue to grow together with NACDA to provide educational and networking opportunities.


2014-15 Guiding Principles

  1. First and foremost, run a first-class annual convention.
  1. Attend the convention and all three Executive Committee meetings in full (June, July, January).
  1. Represent NAADD in a professional manner as a national representative.
  1. Seek and provide opportunities to “give back” and grow our profession and membership.
  1. Leave the NAADD organization and Executive Committee better than you found it.


CABMA (College Athletic Business Management Association)

College Athletic Business Management Association

CABMA is an organization devoted to the establishment, maintenance and implementation of the highest standards of integrity and efficiency in the scope, policies and procedures involved in the management and administration of business in the athletics departments and associations of colleges and universities.

Whom Does CABMA Serve?
In addition to serving the colleges and universities of the United States, Canada and Mexico, CABMA makes available associate memberships to companies and organizations in business and industry whose functions and activities are related to intercollegiate athletics. This type of membership not only benefits the associate member but enables the associate member to provide service, consultation and advice to the regular membership.

How Does CABMA Serve?
CABMA serves its membership, both regular and associate, in the following manner:


  • The organization promotes individual contact and knowledge-sharing between members. Expertise in any area becomes accessible to all.
  • An annual Convention is held, featuring an outstanding program covering many timely subjects. The convention is currently held in conjunction with the NACDA Convention in June.
  • Active committees work year-round to improve the organization, encourage membership, plan the annual convention and program, and assist institutions throughout the country in solving problems.
  • Awards, including the coveted “Manager of the Year”, are presented annually to members who have excelled in the execution of their duties and responsibilities in their institutions.


INTIX (International Ticketing Association)

International Ticketing Association

INTIX is the leading forum for ticketing professionals, representing the most comprehensive view of the industry and its practices, products and services. INTIX is the ticketing professional’s connection to a trusted network of knowledge, experience and ideas shared within a community of peers — a connection that provides ongoing support and relationships that can further success in the industry. Ticketing professionals participate in INTIX to find information and solutions that bring value to their companies and to their own development. Through INTIX, members learn what works, what’s new, what’s next, and how to put it all into practice.

INTIX is a nonprofit membership organization that represents over a thousand ticketing, sales, technology, finance and marketing professionals from over 25 countries. They work in the world of arts, sports and entertainment, as well as a full range of public venues and institutions.



NACDA (National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics)

National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics

NACDA serves as the professional association for those in the field of intercollegiate athletics administration. It provides educational opportunities and serves as a vehicle for networking, the exchange of information, and advocacy on behalf of the profession.

In achieving this mission, NACDA will embrace these guiding principles:

  • To maintain a broad and active membership base of athletics administrators in post-secondary institutions in North America.
  • To sponsor a highly informative and motivational annual national convention.
  • To provide continuing education opportunities through NACDA’s management institute and other programs and events.
  • To offer timely and relevant information via the Athletics Administration Magazine.
  • To develop programs of strong and viable advocacy on behalf of the profession. This includes:
    • a) Information services provided to CEOs of the institutions, to media outlets and to the public addressing the nature, scope, issues and challenges relevant to the profession.
    • b) Research and support related to the conditions, salary levels, and the future of the profession.
  • To develop a collegial and mutually beneficial relationship with the administration, faculty and students (future athletics administrators) in the sports management programs within the colleges and universities of North America.
  • To maintain fiscal, programmatic and operational integrity and accountability as an organization.
  • o enhance opportunities for ethnic and gender minorities in the profession through a variety of initiatives and programs.
  • To provide consistently excellent customer service.
  • With a view toward the future, continue to examine, review and strategically plan how NACDA can enhance its viability and more effectively serve its membership and the profession.
NAATSO (National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations)

National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations

The National Association of Athletic Ticket Sales & Operations (NAATSO) is dedicated to fostering the highest possible professional and ethical standards, while providing ticket professionals a broad range of professional advancement opportunities.

NAATSO’s mission is to improve the overall understanding and effectiveness of selling, management, operations, pricing and development while upholding the ideals of higher education.

Women Leaders in College Sports

Women Leaders in College Sports

Women Leaders in College Sports is the premier leadership organization that empowers, develops, assists, celebrates, affirms, involves, and honors women working in college sports and beyond. Women Leaders takes a pro-active role in advancing women into positions of influence and powerfully shapes the landscape of women leaders.